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New Zealand ("Aotearoa") - The Land of the Long White Cloud


New Zealand is a land of geographical treasures, from the sub-tropical north to the more temperate but equally spectacular south. Packed into a relativley small geographical area are a diverse array of stunning beaches, mountains, rivers and coastline as well as some of the most glorious examples of glacial and geothermic activity in the world. New Zealand also has incredibly diverse wildlife, including indigenous species such as the famous Kiwi as well as the endangered Kakapo parrot which is the focus of a world-renowned conservation programme.New Zealand is considered to be an adventure-seeker's dream, with the South Island's Queenstown commonly referred to as the "Adventure Capital of the World", and the area itself was the birthplace of commercial bungy jumping in the 1980s. The spectacular countryside has also been featured to great effect in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Narnia films.New Zealand is frequently one of the highest ranked countries in international "quality of life" surveys, and has long been a destination for families wishing to take advantage of its fabulous outdoor lifestyle, safe communities and high economic prosperity. In fact, with so many beautiful regions and lifestyle opportunities the most difficult decision you may have to make is choosing where you would like to live and work!

Healthcare in New Zealand


The healthcare system in New Zealand is primarily based in the public sector and is administered by the 20 District Health Boards which span the length and breadth of the country. Some DHBs have more than one public hospital within their domain and there usually exists a range of medical employment opportunities thoughout the country. Depending on your preferences, Origin can assist you in finding employment anywhere from the smaller rural hospitals, to larger tertiary or teaching hospitals in the bigger metropolitan areas. Origin can advise if you would qualify to work as a doctor in New Zeland and assist in the processing of all of your registration and immigration paperwork. Assignment lengths can vary from as short as three months up to permanent. Most employers prefer a minimum of six months duration and ideally longer. Many doctors have commented in the past that six months is not a long enough time to fully appreciate the experience of living and working in New Zealand, as there is simply so much to see and do in this vibrant country.

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