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"I decided to relocate my family to New Zealand in 2020. As an Orthopaedic Surgeon trained in Hong Kong, vocational registration process for the MCNZ has to go through the RACS for advice. This process combined with covid19 pandemic made it an unbelievably long 13-month wait before getting provisional registration.
David Martin of Origin Medical stuck with me through this long wait, being ever helpful, patient and encouraging.
After being deemed eligible for provisional registration, David was extremely efficient & resourceful, landing me a job offer in only 3 months. It shows his good connection with various medical recruitment offices in the DHBs.
David has also been very informative, responsive, and professional. He pointed out blind spots and advised ahead for things further down the road. A clear demonstration of his experience in the process.
David is definitely not an average general recruitment agent. He is a passionate professional who goes beyond and above in his expertise and contribution. My family and I are deeply grateful for David's help in the process."

Dr Tycus Tse, Hong Kong 

"I used David Martin to assist me in arranging a hospital position in internal medicine in New Zealand. The experience in New Zealand was the most enjoyable and rewarding of my 35 year career in medicine such that I extended my one year stay into 4 years. The internal medicine practice in New Zealand is generally hospital based with the general internist acting as consultant to the primary care doctors and managing most of acute care problems in the hospital. There is great support from all levels of trainees and plenty of time for teaching opportunities.David Martin was very helpful in getting me through the immigration and licensing requirements and assisted in arranging initial housing, rental car, and general information about the area I worked in. He remained a valuable resource to me throughout my 4 years in New Zealand to keep me on track with the requirements of practice in New Zealand. If you want a great adventure in a beautiful country with a medical system that works, consider a tour of duty in New Zealand and if that strikes your fancy you can't go wrong working with David Martin to help get you there."

Dr J Steeper, Colorado, USA

"My name is David Lewis and I've worked in New Zealand since 2002. I've worked many locums and accepted a permanent position in 2005 in Whakatane as an O & G Consultant. David Martin ran the office for the staff in our hospital. He was always helpful and a problem solver. When I decided to do locums only David was in a position where he could help me. His help has been invaluable. He knows what needs to be done, is focused, patient and works wonderfully with people. If you want to work in New Zealand you will not find a better advocate than David Martin."

Dr D Lewis, Utah, USA

"I am an International Medical Graduate and having qualified to work in New Zealand, was searching for a first year house officer position for quite sometime. Being not in New Zealand did not help, and I spent researching lot of time, understanding the job market. Then I came across David who helped me a lot in getting a job in New Zealand. He personally represented my application at DHBs of my choice and followed up with the recruiters well. Not only did he help me secure a job quickly, but also helped guiding through Immigration and Visa procedures as well as with formalities of registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand. He was always very approachable and quite handy, even when it came to seeking informal advice regarding lifestyle in New Zealand. It was a pleasure working with David and I would definitely recommend him to job seekers."

Dr M Lamba, Canterbury, NZ

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